Woodbridge Irvine Handyman Home Upgrade

Woodbridge Irvine Handyman Home Upgrade

Woodbridge Irvine Handyman Home Upgrade. This Irvine Shower Safety Grab Bar Install job, Woodbridge Irvine Handyman was hired to install three safety grab bars in a Woodbridge Irvine home. The client was thinking about installing the safety grad bars vertical and horizontal in the master bathroom shower. All In 1 Handyman suggested to have them installed on a angle, to be more versatile for his mother.  Along with these three, one more was added to the master bathroom wall and one to the entrance to the house from the garage. This Woodbridge client just moved in so they also needed their washer and dryer hooked up, pull nobs installed on kitchen cabinets and towel bars installed to both bathrooms. Thanks to Woodbridge Irvine Handyman, they are on their way to getting settled in to there new Irvine Woodbridge Home.

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